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New Driveway Installation

Gravel Driveway Milton Keynes

New driveway installed completed. Previous driveway area was non existent. Required a complete overhaul in order to allow off street parking including drop kerb and new walling. New area was installed with double reinforced walling. Pathway rebuilt on side with new steps to allow easy access from roadway. The walling had metal rods installed it along with concrete footings that was reinforced with rods.

In the parking area we installed a second of steps to allow easy access to house from parking area. Driveway was built with entire new sub base comprised of 3 layers of base to ensure a solid finish. Gravel was installed with a membrane sheeting to inhibit weed growth. A paving apron at the start of the driveway was installed to contain the gravel and give a clean access point.

Walls were built with stock bricks and a semi engineer blue header. Steps were built using the same materials to blend in. The pathways leading to the entrance of the house and top area were built using Tegula from Marshalls. Charcoal colour with a grey border paved brick on it. Aco drains were inserted before the slope on the path to ensure all surface water was safely drained away and complied with SUDS regulations. New recessed inspection chamber was installed into the pathway to allow easy access to sewage works while still blending in with the paving.

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