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New Driveway Installation in Bletchley

New Driveway in Bletchley

Here is a new driveway installation in Bletchley completed by JSM Driveways. Your number one block pavers for Milton Keynes. We replaced the old driveway/lawn area. Put in a new Type 1 MOT hardcore base. Put in a drainage system using Aco Drains to handle the surface water. Added membrane

Patio Built With Indian Sandstone in Milton Keynes

Indian Sandstone Milton Keynes (2)

Here is another patio installation completed by JSM Driveways in Milton Keynes. Expert Patio Contractors for Milton Keynes. Replaced old patio area knocking down the old wall. Put in a complete new redesign. Added new foundation, membrane sheeting and a mortar bed for laying the new patio. We added a

New Driveway Installation in Milton Keynes

New Driveway Built At Home In Milton Keynes

Another driveway installation completed in Milton Keynes from the number one driveway contractors in Milton Keynes. Removed the old driveway area. Removed the lawn so we could extend the driveway. Put in new Type 1 foundation over the entire area along with membrane sheeting. Put in a new step and new

New Driveway Installation With Block Paving in Milton Keynes

Paving Installed By Your Driveway Company in Milton Keynes

Here is another driveway installation completed by your local driveway company in Milton Keynes. Replaced the old tarmac driveway area. Added a new base, membrane sheeting, river washed sand and finished it off with block paving from Marshalls Driveline laid in 45 degree pattern. The colour is charcoal for the main

New Patio Installation in Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes

Patio Paving Milton Keynes

Completed a patio revamp in Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes. When you need a patio or a driveway company in Milton Keynes to build a new driveway, give JSM Driveways a call. Affordable paving, tarmac and patio services. Old patio was lifted up and relaid on this project. The shape

New Block Paving Installation on Patio in Milton Keynes

Patio Paving Milton Keynes

Here is another patio area transformed by JSM Driveways using block paving from the Marshalls range. We completely renovated the patio and garden area. Removed the old side path and altered both the shape and levels of the patio area. We put down a new solid base of Type 1 hardcore

New Patio Installation in Milton Keynes

We have completed a patio installation in Milton Keynes. Old patio completely renovated. New base, membrane sheeting, individual mortar bed and new Indian sandstone laid as the new patio area. Border done with a charcoal paving block from Marshalls Driveline range. Get a quote today on installing a new patio at

Block Paving Driveway in Winslow

Block paving Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Completed a driveway installation in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. Replaced the old driveway area and widened it out. Added a new flagstone finish for a concrete pathway at the house. Put down new drainage to handle surface water and concrete flat top edging kerbs along the front as a restraint against the

Block Paving Installation Completed On Driveway

Replacement of old concrete driveway in Milton Keynes. Old concrete driveway was removed. We took down the old bushes at the front of the property and dug out the grass area to extend the driveway over. We installed a new drainage system to handle the surface water. Old flower bedding

Recent patio installations

Here is some of the recent patio installations carried out by JSM Driveways in Milton Keynes. Your local patio expert for installing all styles of patios including natural stone and garden paving. Call us today to book a free estimate on installing or transforming your patio and garden area in Milton


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