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Block Paving Driveway in Winslow

Block paving Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Completed a driveway installation in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. Replaced the old driveway area and widened it out. Added a new flagstone finish for a concrete pathway at the house. Put down new drainage to handle surface water and concrete flat top edging kerbs along the front as a restraint against the

Block Paving Installation Completed On Driveway

Replacement of old concrete driveway in Milton Keynes. Old concrete driveway was removed. We took down the old bushes at the front of the property and dug out the grass area to extend the driveway over. We installed a new drainage system to handle the surface water. Old flower bedding

Recent patio installations

Here is some of the recent patio installations carried out by JSM Driveways in Milton Keynes. Your local patio expert for installing all styles of patios including natural stone and garden paving. Call us today to book a free estimate on installing or transforming your patio and garden area in Milton

Getting Your Driveway Block Paved in Milton Keynes

driveway paving in Milton Keynes

Picking the right driveway paving contractor in Milton Keynes is an important step when you are considering replacing your driveway. Obviously there are other considerations like the type of driveway paving, the style of the block paving, the colours, textures and the type of paving patterns all feature heavily within

Block Paving Driveway Installed in Cosgrove, Northamptonshire

Block Paving Cosgrove, Northamptonshire

Existing driveway removed. New edging installed benched in concrete. New base installed of Type 1 hardcore which was machine compacted to a solid finish. River washed sand installed. Heavy duty membrane sheeting installed to inhibit weed growth. Aco drains installed to handle the surface water and the guttering system. New paving

Driveway Installation Completed Using Tegula

Tegula Paving Milton Keynes

Here we have an example of a driveway we have completed using Tegula paving from Marshalls. The Tegula range can be laid in 3 different sizes. You can combine all 3 sizes like we have done here, or you can choose to just lay one size. The existing driveway was an

Gravel Driveway Installation in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveway installation completed. Existing concrete driveway was removed. Area widened out slightly. New granite edge set along entire driveway area. New granite apron at start of driveway and in front of garage installed. Hand pointed the granite sets. All edging set in benched concrete. New sub base installed. Double vibrate

Indian Sandstone Patio Completed

Indian Sandstone Patio Milton Keynes

Quality installation of a new patio area completed by JSM Driveways. Indian sandstone patio installed. Existing patio removed and area widened out to give some more space and decorative feature. The border was done using a 9 inch paved block from Marshalls. Camel Indian sandstone was used for the flagstones and

Patio Renovation

Patio renovation completed by JSM Driveways in Milton Keynes. Installation of an Indian flagstone patio. This was a complete patio overhaul. Existing area at back of garden needed completely overhauling. Parts of the garden needed levelling and a large section of built up area had to be completely removed. New patio

Driveway Installed with Grey Block Paving

Driveway installation using grey block paving. Here we have a driveway completed by JSM Driveways in Milton Keynes. Existing driveway removed, area was slightly enlarged. Driveway was built using Marshalls paving products. The border was a natural grey paving border with the driveway itself built in a charcoal paved colour. Triple


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